Engagement is engrained in the culture of both Universities with support from a public engagement officer (BU) and research communications (UFSC). Veg+ will promote FNS in Brazil through social media to reach policy makers, opinion leaders, scientists, professional associations, consumer organizations, NGOs, media, and the broader public. Regular press releases will be prepared for dissemination by institutional PR departments.

An activity log is presented to demonstrate breadth and depth of our dissemination activities.

Please click here to download the project dissemination activity log.


  • Mello Rodrigues, V., Bray, J., Fernandes, A.C., Luci Bernardo, G., Hartwell, H., Secchi Martinelli, S., Lazzarin Uggioni, P., Barletto Cavalli, S. and Proença, R.P.D.C., 2019. Vegetable Consumption and Factors Associated with Increased Intake among College Students: A Scoping Review of the Last 10 Years. Nutrients11(7), p.1634. Please click here to access

Veg+ Bournemouth researchers visiting Brazilian team in April 2018

Farm to fork: Veg+ researchers offer vegetables cooking workshops to university students